Exam Preparation tips: Few quick and easy tips for exam preparation

When and how to start exam preparation’ is a common and big query in almost all the students. During or before exams nervousness and anxiety hold control their soul. Below are few tips to overcome the examination pressure and for help in good preparation


1. Time: Provide yourself enough time to study

Studying only during exam doesn’t make any sense. You may only get through the exams. Try to understand the concept so that you never forget the subject or lesson. Try studying from day one of your class and brush up the things learnt in the class. This will help you during exams. Make a time table for your studies. If you do not understand the subject take tuitions or hire home tutor. Do not sit for study at the last minute of your exams. Get your exam time table, your number of pages to study and set your own time table to study the subject. Organize your study and start preparing for exams.

2. Organize your study space

Try to keep your study room clean and fresh with bright light. Ensure you have full space on your study table or floor. Most of them sit down on floor with mat. During exams or before exams remove all distractive items from your study room to be comfortable. Be sure your study space is pleasant and more comfortable so that you can give your 100% concentration on your studies.

3. Flow charts and diagrams

When you see some diagrams or flow chart you remember it more than a sentences. So after completing your studies try to revise the things in the form of flowchart or diagram. Visual remembrance is more helpful then readiness during exams.

4. Practice on previous year exam papers

Practicing old exam papers will help you more. You will get to understand the pattern of the paper. How the subject is distributed into marks and it will help you to know what to expect. Most important is you will be able to know the time management for the upcoming exam. So practicing the old exam papers is most effective way to prepare for your exams.

5. Make group study with friends

Select your friends with whom you feel comfortable and helpful with studies. This will help you find the answers to your doubts and can finish your studies faster. When you  discuss on the subject it will be in your mind so that it will help in your exams.

6. Breaks in between studies

Regular breaks are very important for your brain. It will regain your focus on studies. Studying for long hours is not a good option. Retention of long term studies you did in not possible. So it’s very important to take regular breaks in between your studies. Develop a healthy study routine.

7. Healthy snack is good for your brain

You should always avoid unhealthy food while studying. You should eat fresh and natural food rich in vitamins which improve your concentration and memory.

8. Arrive early to your exams

Never be late to the exam hall. It will make more tensed and in anxiety you may forget the answers you know. Go through all requirements for the exam one day before and arrange your bag accordingly. Go early to bed and wake up with fresh mind and leave early to exams.

9.Remain Hydrated

Drink more water while studying and during exams. To keep your mood positive it is very important to drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

10. Never evaluate after your exam

Once you finish your exam do not evaluate it. If you feel you have written wrong answers don’t panic and loose hopes. At that time you cannot change anything. Just forget it and focus on next paper or exam.

All the very best for all the students who are going to face exams soon…

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